Companion and Fibre Animals

Companion Animals

Alpacas love kids Alpacas are non-aggressive, friendly creatures who like people, and especially like young children. Buying alpacas as companion animals for children and others is becoming more popular because they are very intelligent, more agreeable, easier to handle, care for, and keep on small acreage. As well they are beautiful animals to look at and have a soft warm fibre, that is soothing to the touch.

Unlike the myths you most likely have heard, alpacas do not spit at people unless they have been mistreated or teased.

The alpaca has such a good temperament that it will bond with sheep during lambing season, and their bond with both animals they are guarding, such as flocks of sheep, and people strengthens over time.
Alpacas also make good companion animals for seniors, and disabled people because of their gentle, caring nature. Alpacas have the ability to calm both children and adults and have been used for their therapeutic abilities.

Fibre Animals

Fiber Sample
Alpaca Fibre (shown above) comes in a range of  22 natural colours.

Hands-on at the Navan Agricultural Fair

Alpaca males produce between 7 to 12 lbs. of exceptional warm fleece each year. The fleece comes in a range of twenty-two natural colours, and is 8 times warmer than wool.

Alpaca fibre has a tensile strength and durability 3 times stronger than a single strand of wool.

Alpaca fibre production is a multi-million dollar industry in South America, and is making great headway in Australia and the United States, with Europe showing a strong interest in joining the industry.

The Canadian and American registries are closed, and therefore there will be no future importations of Alpacas into the US or Canada.  As well, with recent trends toward natural fibre, the prospects for development in Canada are excellent.

Alpacas are still considered scarce in Canada, and products containing this fibre have increased value for the discerning public. As well, Canadian wool mills are now using alpaca fibre to produce boutique quality yarns and finished products.

With the newly incorporated Canadian Fibre co-operation located in Western Canada and the broad choice of mini mills for small breeders, and other privately run mills which now specialize in Alpaca fibre, turning your fleece into luxurious yarns or finished product is an option that is a pleasure to realize with a guarantee of quality in, quality out.